5 Types of Instagram Stories to drive more Traffic & Sales

Staying in touch with your customers is essential for businesses to drive more traffic and sales inside their stores. Among all available social media platforms, Instagram is hitting the floor with its more than 1 billion + active monthly users. However, just creating an Instagram account isn’t enough. You need to optimize your Instagram account for better performance as well. For that, you need to post various engaging stuff that interacts with your followers and converts them into customers. Also, staying up to date with trends and posting accordingly, help your customers to relate with it and stick to your brand.

Last year, Instagram added an option to post stories that remain for the next 24 hours, and then it will be disappeared. So, if you don’t want to spam your Instagram feed, you can use Instagram stories to keep your Instagram account neat & clean.
One survey by Mediakix analyzed that approximately 60% of Instagrammers out of 500 million + daily active users are seeing or publishing various stuff using Instagram Stories.

So, if you are wondering how you can leverage Instagram stories benefits to drive more Traffic & Sales, here are five different types of stories that you can make use of.

1. Highlight stories:
As we talked earlier, the Instagram stories will be automatically trashed after 24 hours of your posted time. But still, you can pin the best our of all Instagram stories and highlight it by showing at the top of your profile. By pinning such Instagram stories, your new followers can rewatch your best stories. We recommended you to pin your customer reviews or store offers that you post, it makes your customers wait for such another update.

2. Swipe Up Link:
Want to show off your new store product or blog to your Instagram followers? Do it easily by placing a link inside your Instagram story. Putting a link using this swipe up feature helps your customers to know more information about your product, service quickly, or read the full blog. It saves a lot of time by avoiding unnecessary navigations. But currently, this feature is only available for accounts with 10k+ followers or the accounts that are verified.

3. Promoted Stories:
Using Instagram Ads service, you can also create an ad to reach a more targeted audience in less time. Because naturally growing Instagram followers takes a lot of time and effort. Reaching a broad audience and getting the same engagement is the best option that you can get with paid advertising.

4. Humor Stories:
Apart from posting your product or service on Instagram, you must have to engage with your followers as well. For that, you can make funny, humor, or interactive stories that keep your social bond alive. You can make use of Boomerang, GIF stickers, or different Face Filters to tweak your Instagram story. To take it next level, you can also post questions, votings, stickers, or use emojis. You can also post different behind the scenes or upcoming products that you are working on to create a viral sensation. Doing this stuff reduced the gap between your brand and audience and turned them into happy, loyal customers.

5. Shoppable Stories:
If you are eligible for the Instagram shop, you will get an option to tag your website products into your Instagram stories. But for which, you need to connect your web store with a Facebook catalog to automatically sync and fetch your store products into Instagram. To make the best use of shoppable stories, you can post different use cases of your products and tagged it into that story so your interested customer can quickly checkout product details in no time that results in higher conversion rates.

So, this was it from my side; let us know your experience with Instagram Stories in the comments below.

Shivang Rathod is a Digital Marketing Team Leader at MCS. He is writing content and doing SEO for more than 5 years. Located in Ahmedabad he used to explore nearby places, restaurants, and events. He love meeting new people and making connections, so if you are around let's meet or buy me a coffee if you are away :)

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