What is Guest Posting? Complete Guide with all Benefits

Well if you are newbie, don’t worry. Guest posting isn’t a big deal. Guest posting is all about blogging but not on your own as the name suggests. It means you have to write and publish the blog on someone else’s blog.

However, guest posting is considered one of the best ways to promote your blog or content as part of SEO. But its not always free because some bloggers charge an advertising fee while accepting guest posts. And even people are paying for it, cause they knew the importance of getting high authority backlink.

Still, wondering about the benefits? Let’s dig in.

1. Reach a broader audience:
Posting on other guest blogging sites means your content will be visible to more readers than your existing ones.

2. Create referral traffic:
Interested new readers will come across your website and check out your product/service or other stuff that you are offering.

3. Build your list:
Not just readers or getting better exposure, you can also build a great list of repetitive customers or interested audiences who are interested in your products/services that ultimately result in boosting your sales.

4. Make more money:
If you monetized your site with any ad service, then you aim to drive more traffic and make money. And this is where guest blogging can help you.

5. Increase trust:
Getting mentioned or link from the high-quality site is always the dream of blogger’s because it does not just increase the authority of your website but also increase your user’s trust and loyalty towards your site.

6. Get noticed as Author:
Guest blogging with your authorship with the mentioned name and bio will give drastic growth to brand as well as more people will know you as an author, and you will get noticed.

7. Backlinks:
EAT & DA is all meant for SEO, where increase authority is worked like a charm. Thus building high-quality links that work for you rather than a directory, bookmarking or web 2.0; guest blogging is the best way you can generate that makes a significant difference.

8. Strengthen SERP positing:
As we all know at the end of the day, we do a guest post to get a high-quality link from the site that ends up boosting SERP rankings.

9. Get socially recognized:
Real content is what inspires people to share with others. So, writing a post that helps others in terms of solving problems & encourage people to share with their network. So, you will get better brand exposure with really fewer efforts.

10. Build relationships:
Working with other blog owners and editors can spur long-lasting relationships and future partnerships.

As long as you work with more and more blog owners and editors, it expands your network too. Building such long-lasting relationships and future partnerships result in achieving mutual goals.

Anyways, Guest blogging isn’t dead, as long as you implement it correctly. So keep in mind that you write genuine, high-quality articles on reliable guest sites to get a backlink.
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Shivang Rathod is a Digital Marketing Team Leader at MCS. He is writing content and doing SEO for more than 5 years. Located in Ahmedabad he used to explore nearby places, restaurants, and events. He love meeting new people and making connections, so if you are around let's meet or buy me a coffee if you are away :)

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