How to Write Product Descriptions That Sell + Expert Tips

Words are one of the most powerful things in the world. Especially while generating content that sells is imperative for eCommerce retailers and also difficult as well. Moreover, learning how to write product descriptions that sell is an essential skill for writers to make it easily found through the SERPs. Because without content, Google has little to go on when determining the relevance of a page. It is beyond debate that product descriptions have a massive impact on sales. If they didn’t, why would brands be including them?

Focus on the Buyer:
First things first: When a merchant tries to write descriptions that speak to a massive crowd of potential buyers, it inevitably dilutes the message and resonates with no one. Therefore, to create the most compelling product descriptions possible, retailers must focus on addressing their target audience–the ideal buyer. By figuring out how to write product descriptions that focus on the ideal buyer, retailers can establish how to “speak their language” and generate sales.

Boast About Benefits, Not Features:
One of the biggest mistakes that merchants make when creating unique product descriptions is listing out the item’s features. The fact is that shoppers care much less about features than they do the benefits that they will receive. For instance, when selling a backpack, “foam shoulder straps” would be a feature. Alternatively, a benefit is the outcome of a feature that helps the buyer. For example, “foam shoulder straps allow for a comfortable carry all day” would be the benefits shoppers gain from the feature.

Include Keywords for SEO Visibility:
While SEO keywords may not seem like a selling point for customers, the fact is that they cannot buy a product they cannot find. After uncovering which keywords are most fruitful to use, naturally weave them into the description in a way that will feel organic to readers. It helps you to gain visibility in the SERPs.

Employ Power Words:
When it comes to selling merchandise, influence is the name of the game. Therefore, retailers must know which words and turns of phrase are likely to have a powerful, influential or persuasive impact on consumers. There are a variety of different power words that can boost conversion rates. These are just a few of the “feels” that retailers can arouse by writing great product descriptions. When one of these feelings becomes activated, retailers are more likely to score a sale.

Showcase Social Proof:
Social proof is a necessity for selling items online. With fake products on Amazon and Walmart becoming increasingly worrisome to consumers, they need to know that they are getting the real deal. While customer reviews are an excellent component to have on a product page. So, don’t forget to add it.

Writing product descriptions that sell isn’t as easy as it sounds. There is a lot that goes into crafting a compelling characterization that balances the benefits received, the voice of the company, SEO optimization, readability, and all the other necessary elements. If your brand needs help in crafting item depictions that convert, reach out to our content writers who can help develop the necessary elements for creating product pages that convert.

Shivang Rathod is a Digital Marketing Team Leader at MCS. He is writing content and doing SEO for more than 5 years. Located in Ahmedabad he used to explore nearby places, restaurants, and events. He love meeting new people and making connections, so if you are around let's meet or buy me a coffee if you are away :)

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