Wondering what to share on social media? Here are some ideas

Whether it is a startup or a well-established business, social media presence is a must for everyone. Because it does not just help you to stay updated with the latest trends but also helps you to drive more traffic and sales, No matter what type of business is!

1. Post Tips & Tricks:
The best idea is to share valuable content related to your business or niche. For example, if you own a clothing brand, you can share some great fashion tips with your audience. Doing this keeps your audience connected with your brand and keeps them waiting for more such updates. Also, some tips will be shared among their friends and family members that double up your brand exposure.

2. Share Trending News:
Apart from sharing tips with your audience, you can also share some industry-leading news. Continuing example of the clothing brand, you can share pics of actress or actresses that you think have worn some of the best outfits. Apart from that, you can also share the latest research, data or statistics, and case studies that might be interested in your audience.

3. Offer & Coupon codes:
The survey conducted by MarketingSherpa says that 56% of customers are connected with a business on social media just avail coupons and promotions. So from now, don’t forget to share your upcoming or seasonal offer coupons with your social media followers; it will boost your sales like a charm.

4. User-Generated Content (UGC):
Your customer’s generated content is the best way to give a personalized touch to your brand. For brands like Starbucks is getting more than 10000 user-generated posts. Thus reposting some of the best-branded content that is generated by your users is the best to showcase the use cases of your products.

5. Share events & Collaboration:
Are you going to sponsor an event? Or Have you collaborated with influencers or celebrities as part of a promotion? Share it too. It will increase your brand and helps people get connected with your brand.

6. Blog posts:
Does your website have a blog? Then share those posts on social media as not everyone is visiting your website daily. It will help you to drive more traffic to your website with really fewer efforts.

7. Interactive Media:
HubSpot says posting such visuals are 40X likely to get shared on social media rather than any content. So, apart from that image and other posts, don’t forget to share videos and infographics too. As users love to interact and seeing such visual and eye-catchy media. Even posting high-quality, engaging video remains memorable to your users.

8. Behind the scenes of your work life:
As your business is expanding day by day, people always wonder how your brand is managed to achieve it? Whos is behind? How does everything work? and so on. So, posting some behind the scenes is also an incredible way to refine your brand.

That’s it from our side; however, there is a lot you can post on social media to stay engaged with your users. But remember that writing the attention-grabbing captions and using high-quality images have the same importance. So if you are looking for content that put marks, you can consider our content writers.

Shivang Rathod is a Digital Marketing Team Leader at MCS. He is writing content and doing SEO for more than 5 years. Located in Ahmedabad he used to explore nearby places, restaurants, and events. He love meeting new people and making connections, so if you are around let's meet or buy me a coffee if you are away :)

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